Hey I'm Patrick. I'm also 23, gay, half-Japanese, a soldier, and an enormous nerd. Nice to meet you.

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Hi there :) I have a question for you. If you had a super power, what would you like it to be? What would you use it for? This includes little dumb things (like scaring the shit out of your friends) as well as bigger stuff (like attempting to save the world).



I would like the power to be able to re-visit moments. Not turn back time or anything, just be able to select a few moments from my past, delve into them for a while, but have to come right back. Just for a little while, be able to stay there, enjoy the good parts, and leave again. Not change anything about them, just re-live them exactly how they were.

I don’t think I’d do well with having the power to choose to stay in the past, because I don’t trust my self control to come back to the present. I might not let myself experience the future, which would become more moments for me to go back to if I wanted to. 

That still be useful for heroic undertakings. You’d make a stellar detective, able to revisit any place you’ve been to re-look for clues as new information came up.

Or even more generally, it would basically be like having a perfect memory. You could spend an hour flipping through the pages of a textbook or clicking random on Wikipedia, then revisit that time period anytime you needed the information.

That’d be a pretty cool an unique power honestly.

Maybe not for combat so much. The most you could do in that regard is review footage or intelligence about your enemies’ strategies/weaknesses, but you’d need fighting abilities independent of your powers to have that be of much use. Plus, you’d have to already know who you’re coming up against and have the time and resources beforehand to study them.

Overall I approve though, for what it’s worth, haha.

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